Anna's Cabin is a duplex and the family rents out the east half by the week during the summer. Because the two cottages were virtually built as one structure, divided in half and mirror images, it is very important that the families living in both halves get along and be courteous of each others privacy. What I am looking for are a few families who would like to rent the east half of the cottage year after year. Like my father before me, I have spent all most all of my summer vacations at Grand Lake. It is as much apart of me as it has been for him so I am probably a little protective of my time there and of its preservation for future generations. It is my second home, I love to share it with others but only those that come to love it like I have. I would enjoy sharing it with you, if and only if you show it the tender loving care we have.

The cottage is equipped to sleep five (5) people. The master bedroom has a double bed, the second bedroom has two twin beds and the smaller room, one twin bed. All this is shown in the pictures. Due to the lake, the steep slope of the mountain and the high porches, I would discourage families who have children less than six (6) years old from renting the cottage. I would also discourage potential renters from bringing any pets. If you insist on bringing your dog or cat you must coordinate it with me ahead of time. The carpet is relatively new and it would be a shame for you to lose your deposit to professional carpet cleaners. Besides, many of the neighbors bring their dogs and let them run loose. In the past, there has not been a problem between dogs but we probably have been very lucky.

Long haired pets leave their hair everywhere and cause extra time cleaning. If during the cleaning process I find pet hair and damage expect to have some of your deposit go for the damage and/or extra time to clean for the next quests.

 I also strongly recommend not going bare foot outside the cottage. We just put on a new roof and there are bound to be nails we missed picking up after the job was completed. Pine needles can be pretty hard on the feet also.

The cottage comes furnished with everything for five people, sheets, towels, hair dryer, spices, cooking pots and pans, outside gas grill, CD player and a wonderful old wood burning fireplace. All you should really need to bring is your food and drinks. It is my intension to have Internet access for anyone wanting it but you will need to coordinate it with me ahead of time.

Each side takes its water out of the lake like most of the cottages on the south shore. We both filter and treat the water but many people carry in their own drinking water from personal use. I have always used what comes out of the tap and have never had a problem.

Anna's Cabin is also a non-smoking residence, so if you need to smoke, it must be done outside and all residue from the habit must be safely disposed of in proper containers, which you will need to supply. Smoking within Anna's Cabin is another reason to lose some or all of your deposit.

The rent for one week, Sunday at 3 P.M. through 9A.M. the next Sunday is $1350.00 plus the 5.7% sales and and lodging taxes making the total for the week $1427.00). You need to reserve your week by contacting me and snail mailing your $200.00 reservation deposit, later to be called a damage deposit, for each week stayed. The day you arrive I need to receive $1375.00 from you in the form of cash, MO or cashiers check. As you check out, if I am in the west half, I will return your deposit if the cottage and its contents have not been damaged, are all still there and you have cleaned up after yourself. If items come up missing or broken and or if you have not cleaned up after yourself, some or all of the deposit may be forfeited. If I am not there, I will have someone check out the cottage and return your deposit within two weeks, if all is OK.

For more information on the cottage, please contact Steve at: Steve at Anna's Place